Impressive activities in the shed

Now that the construction hull of the Executive 2100 is well underway, it has become apparent just how impressive it is…

… You can clearly see that the yacht is much larger – broader, especially – than the 1850, for instance. Work is also ongoing on the second 1700 Mk2, which is now in the finishing shed.

The 2100 was ordered by return clients, who currently have a 1700 Mk1 and are familiar faces at the yard. They chose to build a larger boat due to the sheer amount of time they spent sailing – which is also why spaciousness and comfort are central to the design. A unique feature is the single (very large) stateroom with very spacious bathroom. Because she will go on long trips, much of the space in the forward section of the vessel will be used as storage. If there turns out to be a need for this later, this space can eventually be converted into a second cabin.

Casco  hal  indrukwekkend

The second 1700 Mk2 (whose owners are Belgian and good friends with the owners of the 2100) will have a completely different layout than the first. A spacious salon with corner settee and TV cabinet will be the centrepiece of the interior. Another unique element will be the centrally placed steering position with pantograph doors on either side. The gently sloping staircase leading down will provide a broad entrance to the modern L-shaped kitchen, which will comprise all the luxuries of home.

The construction of both vessels is proceeding on schedule. We expect to deliver the second 1700 Mk2 in January 2019 and the first 2100 in the summer of 2019.

Casco hal indrukwekkend
Casco hal indrukwekkend 1
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