Published five or six times a year, this newsletter keeps you up to speed with the latest exciting developments at Van den Hoven Jachtbouw.

An open day to remember

An open day to remember

A huge thank you to all who attended our Open Day on Saturday 14 April. As you can see by clicking on the short video below, the event was a great success and attracted a record number of guests. Please also press ‘start’ even if you didn’t attend this years’ event as we hope it […]

René van der Velden: yacht designer royalty

Februari 2018 We are proud that René van der Velden has agreed to start developing a fast motoryacht with us. The first drafts are now finished, and they are promising indeed.   His multi-disciplinary approach makes René a unique talent in elegant and timeless design, with meticulous attention to the smallest details, carefully thought-out naval architecture and state-of-the-art engineering. He works closely with a team of professionals who are all highly respected in their field, and with whom he [...]
René van der Velden: yacht designer pur sang

Derde Executive 1500 Mk2 dit voorjaar gereed

Third Executive 1500 MK2 to be completed this spring

Februari 2018 The Executive series has been very well received by the market. We will soon finish the third one, which…  … will be presented in all her glory during our Open Day on 14 April. The layout of the latest 1500 MK2 will be different from her predecessors. For one thing, the saloon, helm and galley will be placed on the upper deck. The owner's cabin will be more spacious and include a luxurious walk-in closet.   The interior will also be more modern and innovative, while [...]

First 1700 MK2 in finishing phase

Februari 2018 All hands are on deck for the fast-approaching completion of the first 1700 MK2. This motor yacht occupies…  … the exact middle ground between the 1500 MK2 and 1850, and has similar lines, making her instantly recognizable as a genuine Van den Hoven. Our current efforts are focused on the luxurious interior, which will feature a very bright and summery look thanks to the use of light oak. Comfort will be further enhanced by the convenience of a walk-in closet, [...]
Eerste 1700 Mk2 in afbouwfase

Opdracht bouw nieuwe 21 meter Executive 1

Development of fast motoryachts starts ahead of schedule

Februari 2018 Van den Hoven Jachtbouw has started the development of a line of fast motoryachts earlier than expected. As described in the previous issue of Items, there is increasing market demand…  … for fast boats on the market. Sailing from fjord to fjord in the Norwegian waters, or enjoying an island-hopping holiday in Greece, is, after all, much more convenient with a fast yacht. And the Mediterranean, with its thousands of kilometers of beautiful coastline, has an endless reserve of attractive villages, bays, [...]

Order of a new 21-meter Executive

Februari 2018 Published five to six times a year, this newsletter brings you up to speed on the very latest developments at Van den Hoven Jachtbouw.  The process started with a clear charting of the experiences, needs and requirements of the owners by Bart van den Hoven. The new yacht will be entirely tailor-made, ensuring full customisation.  Because the vessel will be used frequently, the design has a strong focus [...]
Opdracht bouw nieuwe 21 meter Executive

Voor in uw agenda: Open Dag op 14 april 1

Save the date: Open Day on April the 14th

Februari 2018 We are pleased to let you know that we have already decided the date for our Open Day in the spring, …  … which will take place on the 14th of April. Van den Hoven keeps growing and our order books are full: this year we again have a lot to show and share in terms of new products and events.   For instance, you will hear all about the development of the new 21 [...]

Celebratory launch ceremonies for 1850 Rio Grande and 1500 Mk2 Belle Histoire

18. October 2017 The launch of a new motoryacht is always a wonderful event for the new owners and the yard and this certainly applied to the launch of the Executive 1500 Mk2 Belle Histoire on 17 June, which was attended by the excited new owners Everything went smoothly and the owners have since enjoyed [...]
Executive 1850 Rio Grande: je ziet en voelt het direct

Vaart u in het voorjaar de derde 1500 Mk2?

First Executive 1700 Mk2 sold!

18. October 2017 We are very pleased to have been commissioned to build the first Executive 1700 Mk2! The client was charmed by the new design language of the 1850… …and 1500 Mk2, as well as the even higher degree of finish. The 1700 Mk2 was specifically developed for people who find the 1850 too [...]

Busy days at the Amsterdam Boat Show

18. October 2017 We were proud to present our new Executive 1850 Rio Grande at the recent HISWA Amsterdam in-water Boat Show. The new modern design of the Executive 1850, combined with its striking blue colour, attracted lots of attention. People were very positive about the level of finish, detailing, and the general sense of quality [...]
Veel aandacht tijdens de Hiswa te Water 2017 9