Brand new boats for sale

Brand new boats for sale

Fourth 1500 Mk2 now available

We would also be happy to inform you about the brand-new Executive 1500 Mk2 motoryacht. This yacht, the fourth in this successful series, is radically different from the first three with numerous innovations, and available for sale immediately.

For instance, the saloon, steering position and galley have been brought together on the same upper deck level to create a wide open sense of space. Click here to see the video.

Michelle or Bart would be happy to tell you all about it over a nice cup of coffee with cake. Please call +31 416 319183 or sending an email here.

Vierde 1500 Mk2 nu beschikbaar 7
Derde 1700 Mk2 nog volledig te customisen


If you’d like a new boat to take out this sailing season and are curious about the third 1700 Mk2 which is currently in build, come have a chat with Bart or Michelle van den Hoven. At this stage of construction, there are still many variables a new owner can influence: colour, upholstery, carpeting – in short, enough to make this beautiful vessel fully reflect your tastes.

Click here to see the video of the second 1700 Mk2. Bart or Michelle will be pleased to explain anything you’d like to know. Please call +31 416 319183 or sending an email here.