Why Van den Hoven?

The choice for a Van den Hoven motoryacht is always carefully made by our clients and revolves around the following key factors:

Waarom van den Hoven?
  • The steel hull and superstructure make for a flexible construction that permits all owner desires to be met.
  • Our semi-custom builds allow for a wide range of modifications.
  • Van den Hoven motoryachts are known for their large interior volume in relation to length.
  • There are very short lines of communication at the yard during the build.
  • Bart van den Hoven is always personally involved in the process and acts as project manager.
  • Van den Hoven Jachtbouw is financially solid so clients can rest assured all agreements will be met.
  • As overhead costs are kept low and profit maximisation is not the end goal, the final price of a Van den Hoven yacht offers exceptionally good value.
  • The standard version of every Van den Hoven has lots of equipment and amenities.
  • Pre-owned Van den Hovens find a new owner faster and for a better price than other yachts in this segment.
  • Quality service and carefree use make owning our yachts a real pleasure.


While Van den Hoven Jachtbouw has access to first-class facilities and equipment, it is our people who ultimately make the difference. We are a relatively small company, which works flexibly with a network of hardworking professionals.  Our people work and think above and beyond the norm, ensuring smart solutions for each new application.

Service and warranty

The after-sales service we provide after delivery of your boat is vital to us. After all, as builders we know your yacht better than anyone. At Van den Hoven, warranty work, service and maintenance flow seamlessly together. Our ultimate goal is that you remain not only a satisfied client but an ambassador for our brand.

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