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Let’s think forward

with fast displacement motoryachts 

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In recent times we have had some very specific requests from abroad where fast motoryachts are becoming increasingly common. 

More and more people are looking for the capacity to cross large distances quickly. This could include anything from sailing from fjord to fjord in Norway or going island hopping in Greece to long trips along the shores of the Mediterranean or circumnavigations of the British Isles. 

After in-depth research and brand & target group analyses, we decided the time was right to start developing of an 18-meter fast-displacement motoryacht. Over the coming years, we will work on a product range of fast motoryachts from 15 to 24 meters. 

Voyager 1800 4

Designer credentials

To ensure that nothing is left to chance, we chose to have the concept created by the international award-winning designer René van der Velden. René started his career by gaining a great deal of his knowledge and experience at leading yard design offices such as De Voogt, Pieter Beeldsnijder and De Vries Lentsch. In 1994 he started independently for clients all around the world and has since designed almost all the aluminium and steel motoryachts built by Moonen Shipyards, giving this famous Dutch yard an internationally recognisable signature. 

Critical success factors

Despite having René on board, we recognise that our yard cannot expect overnight success with a new concept. We have therefore identified three critical success requirements during the development phase: 

  1. The end result must be a genuine Van den Hoven yacht, with all the features our clients have come to expect from us, such as a smart layout, Dutch quality & level of finishing, comfortable handling, and customisation options that meet all the demands of discerning owners.  
  2. From the very beginning, we must ensure that we have high-level knowledge and experience in-house for the development and construction of fast aluminium yachts. 
  3. Part of the success of Van den Hoven can be attributed to the competitive pricing of our vessels. During the development and construction of the new fast motoryacht model, efficient building techniques and cost control should again result in a starting price that is very competitive in the market. 

Our vision for a fast 18-meter yacht

  • Maximum speed of at least 20 knots 
  • A hull that performs well at sea and at low speeds 
  • An international style that suits a Mediterranean yacht, with a high degree of privacy and the option for crew accommodation 
  • Three full cabins with en suite bathrooms, despite the extra space required for the engine room and potential crew accommodation 
  • A detailed, distinctive design that represents a continuation of the modern/classic look typical of Van den Hoven 
  • All-aluminium construction 
  • As many glass surfaces as possible, ensuring fantastic views and maximum light 
  • Spacious fly bridge with space for a tender 

Comfort according to Van den Hoven

Comfort, both at anchor and underway, is much more than a question of a nice settee. It is an all-embracing sense of well-being determined by many factors. This includes a smooth walk flow, which we only feel when a layout is practical and steps are well-balanced, as well as properly thought-out ergonomics, high-quality materials, properly positioned furniture, few noticeable vibrations, limited noise, and a solid, safe feel in all conditions. 

Comfort also means knowing you can trust the yard for assistance whenever necessary, or the reassuring confidence that your vessel will always retain a great deal of its value.  


Name of ship:18m MY Van den Hoven
Type of Vessel:Pleasure Yacht
Builder:Van den Hoven Jachtbouw
Class notation:Category A
Length o.a.:18,38m
Lenght summer W.1.:17,87m
Beam mld:5,30m
Light ship:41,54 ton
Max summer loaded draft:1.275 m
Max displacement at summer loaded draft: 48,83 ton48,83 ton
Maximum speed:±21,5 knots = ± 40 km/h
Engines:2x Volvo Penta D11-725 (533 kW)
Propulsion type:Propeller
Type:Aluminium planning vessel
Standard of survivability:Intact stability
Accomodation:6 + 2 crew

Flexible interior

The interior of the 18-meter yacht can be adapted to the needs of each client. There are several layouts possible, such as one with three double cabins with en suite bathrooms, ideal for owners who wish to regularly bring guests on board. For people who prefer more space, there is a version with two double cabins with en suite bathrooms, and a separate day head. 

15 meter model

As there is growing demand for 15-meter yachts as well, we have already developed a first draft for such a model. In practice, this vessel will be available in versions with and without a fly bridge. We will publish more information about this yacht at a later stage.