December 2020


We live in a time of limitations as COVID-19 has changed the world for all of us. There is massive pressure on health care, the hospitality industry is suffering, and airlines are at risk of collapsing without government support.

Despite these difficult conditions, Van den Hoven continues to carry out its work as well as possible and serve clients in the way they are accustomed. Strict protocols have been established at the yard which are carefully upheld because we all realise that the pandemic can only be halted if we comply with the implemented measures.

Travel is clearly an issue, and we won’t be organising an Open Day any time soon. Nonetheless, please note that clients are always welcome to schedule a personal visit to the yard if they are in good health. We will make sure that you are the only visitors at that time and strictly follow all necessary rules and measures to guarantee your safety. This includes wearing masks, maintaining a safe distance, disinfecting hands and properly ventilating the indoor spaces. All these activities have become part of our daily routine to ensure we can safely continue work. 

Schedule a visit and see for yourself our ongoing projects and builds, including:

  • A viewing of the Voyager 61, now in the final stages of construction
  • A tour of the Executive 1850 Fly, due for delivery in summer
  • Sketches of the Voyager 50 
  • Sketches of the Voyager 80 (due next week)
  • The Executive 1700 Mk2, construction of which has already started.

We are very proud of this variety of ongoing projects and would welcome the chance to share more. We’d also like to show you how the Van den Hoven yard works, how we arrange the interior spaces, the high level of finish we achieve, and what you can expect from us during the construction of your yacht.

If you’d like to discuss a concept and/or design, we’d be happy to invite the exterior designer of the Voyager series to join us. René van der Velden is the ideal person to translate your ideas into an inspiring sketch or interior layout.

Your visit can also include a sumptuous lunch or drinks & bites as we make your trip to the Van der Hoven yard an inspiring experience. When can you come? Contact Bart or Michelle via +31 416 319 183 or email