Voyager 50 Coupé sold - Van den Hoven Jachtbouw

December 2021

Voyager 50 Coupé sold

The Van den Hoven Executive 1500 Mk2 Belle Histoire was delivered to her new owners in 2017. The yacht has

… brought them lots of sailing fun over the past four years. The quality of the 1500 Mk2 and the clients’ relationship with the yard made owning Belle Histoire a carefree and pleasurable experience.

We reconnected with the owners at the Open Day who shared their wish to sail faster on occasions. The discussion quickly shifted to the aluminium Voyager 50 Coupé under construction that was on display. There was an immediate click, and we planned a sea trial with the Voyager 61 to show what it feels like to sail on a quicker yacht. The beautiful late-summer conditions contributed to the success of this sea trial and we were asked to make a financial proposal that included trading in Belle Histoire.

A follow-up meeting at the yard to discuss the details zoomed in on the pros and cons and the differences between the Voyager 61 and 50 Coupé. These included the size of the Voyager 61 and the fact that the clients would mainly be staying on the Dutch inland waters. After careful consideration, they decided to go for the Voyager 50 Coupé and an agreement was reached. It was the ideal moment to open a bottle of champagne and toast to this belle histoire!